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About Avant Garde Bloggies Awards

Hey there!

Avant Garde Bloggies Awards aims to find the worthiest bloggers around. You are here to have your voice counted to decide the worthiest blogger available.

Publicist: Nikhil

Scrutinising Team: Dhiren, Vimal, Smita and Vee (I could not even have taken a single step without these four.)

Awards Badge Designer: Chirag


  1. Nita: A knowledgeble part-time journalist and movie reviewer from Bombay who writes about India
  2. Nikhil: A whacky guy from Bangalore who would not hesitate to write about wierdest things you can be shy of imagining
  3. Museditions: An interesting blogger from US who calls herself lifelong student of philosophy, arts, science and music
  4. Withering Willow: A blogger and personal friend with an artistic bent of mind. She would rather tell you about colour therapy, spas, chakras than any verbal activism
  5. Anshul: A cartoonist blogger who has been featured on NDTV Metronation as well as Indian Express for the uniqueness of his blog
  6. Vee: An outgoing nomad blogger (travelled 23 states) and reader. Passionate about movies (may watch a movie 12 times without qualms should it catch his fancy) and beautiful things in life.
  7. Magik: He writes and reviews movies at prestigious Passion for Cinema blog.
  8. Me
  9. Joseph Thomas: A singer, composer and podcaster from Kerala
  10. Rashmi: A personal friend and English litterateur from Pune who loves to read poetry and books. She has another blog these days. I will update link soon. She was a theatre enthusiast, currently she makes her living out of her words.
  11. Meetu: The lady who runs this hugely successful movie review site Without Giving the Movie Away (WOGMA). She won Indibloggies 2008 that happened in 2009.

Please spread the word about this endeavor to your fellow bloggers for the polling time, starting 1st February. Please exercise your right to vote then.

P.S: I also need to thank my two friends Jaslene and Gaurav Saha for helping me out.

5 Responses to "About Avant Garde Bloggies Awards"

**I think Poonam could’ve handed the awards to anyone she liked in return (she mentioned something about this in her previous posts in her own blog) cause she recieved so many awards from her friends but the point was to give everyone a fair chance. Thats why the nominations were open to all.**

That’s touchingly naive, me dear.

Did you know that Filmfare could also mail the prizes to the houses of the respective actors/film makers. Ever wondered why they have a big show?

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