Avant Garde Bloggies Awards

Best Visual Post

Posted on: March 21, 2010

The following posts were selected by the judges for the poll:

I Am Going On A Short Break

Author: Sakshi

New Guests In Our Garden – A Bird Family

Author: Sandhya

Iftaar Party

Author: Patricia Torres

Diversity of Wildlife

Author: Sandeep R

What I Have Been Upto This Summer

Author: Home cooked

I Love My India

Author: Swaram

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5 Responses to "Best Visual Post"

Thank you, Avant Garde for selecting my ‘bird’ post as one of the ‘best visual post’ category. Now, people will have a look and if they like it, they will vote, I am sure!

[…] Best Visual Post : I Love My India […]

Interesting entries… all are equally good πŸ™‚

Sigh… I just got one nomination that too for poetry.

Ek aur to dena tha na… 😦 😦

I am also a very responsive blogger..more responsive than some of my frens listed here…poonam kya kiya? 😦


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