Avant Garde Bloggies Awards

Best Short Story Post

Posted on: March 16, 2010

The following posts were selected by the judges for the poll:

1. Plus and Minus
Author: Destination Infinity

2. Of Hands That Held and Promises Not Kept
Author: Chandni

3. Sometimes its love not crush but still
Author: Preposterous girl

4. A true story of love (A candle burnt on 26/11/09)
Author: Lemonytree

5. Arranged: Re-arranged
Author: Urmila Santosh

6. They Should Put in Jail for That
Author: Arshat Chaudhary

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9 Responses to "Best Short Story Post"

There are many such souls in mumbai which keeps mumbai rocking…


Told in a very lucid manner -a story of an unsung guy !

Chief, brilliantly captured the “AAM AADMI” spirit

We need more people squaring off on the Real Meaning of this reality….

[…] that the Avant Garde Bloggies Awards are back! Yours truly has been nominated in two categories, short story as well as 55 fiction and now voting has begun. Please go ahead and vote for me if you like the […]

I hope I get more than one vote.. 😉


A true Story- A Candle burnt-
This is an awesome story and what makes it extraordinary is the fact that it actually happened…..INDIA ROCKS…A standing SALUTE to such HEROES…

A true Story- A Candle burnt: A very emotional and sensitive story, but no denying the fact we need to stand up and do our bit for the country whenever its needed….hats off to the many unnamed warriors and heroes of Mumbai….and good to have authors sharing their true life experiences….

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